“The Ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning and bread and meat in the evening…” (1 Kings 17:6)
In previous editions of this publication were mind blowing testimonies of the raven supply (You can read online at www.revivalpost.)
The work of the raven was not halted, it continued still as it has been serving as an harbinger of supernatural provision to God’s people as prophesied by God’s prophet after he had seen a raven in a vision from God.
Here is the encounter as rendered by the man of God.
“I was in a vision, and I saw a black bird come and land in the mountain where I had been in separation with the LORD. It was a black bird with a rainbow colour all around its chest. I began to search my spirit what this could mean when suddenly, the voice of the LORD came to me that “this is the Raven that fed Elijah, and has come to feed the tithers”. The LORD continued that “the world spoke against tithers on the internet over the past two years, but now, the Raven has come to feed the tithers. Those who believed God’s Word and were tithing, believing God’s Word and supporting the Kingdom, the Raven has come for them.”
Confirming the word of God through His prophet, let us take a look at one of such testimonies.
One of my favorite faith sessions in church has always been the testimony session, because I draw strength and sometimes instructions from God from other people’s testimonies. I remember getting a spiritual breakthrough through someone’s testimony shared in 2017.

This year, when Dr. Isaiah Wealth first declared the raven season, I unfortunately missed the service. From the next service through people’s testimonies and Dr’s reiteration, I got a revelation of the raven and began keying into the testimonies of others. I kept believing God that I will experience mine despite having so many reasons around me to doubt. Since that time till now, especially when Dr. told us that no tither should lose in this period, God has been providing for me. Even with a slash in salary during the lockdown, people still called me “cash madam”.
My mega testimony happened in the month of August. I had been trying to sell a particular commodity for 2 years. The first year I got discouraged and stopped cause I could not sell any. God led me to start again this year during the lockdown. But since I started again in May, I still could not sell any even with all the marketing strategies. I felt I was way over my head, trying to sell this. But something in me could not give up.

When I heard of the 5 days of practical mentorship, I jumped on it with my whole heart and told God I will pay all the sacrifices necessary to participate in every meeting and followed every of Dr’s instruction to the best of my ability. Day 2 into the training, just after the end of the service, I got a call from a client to purchase what I have been trying to sell for almost 3 months. At first, I just thought it was the regular “ask price and disappear”. The client ended up being so ready and in less than a week it was sold. I could not believe it! That same period, during the training, all the money I had hanging in different places were released. And for the first time I had some money to invest.
Also during the 21 days of seeking the Lord, God had been giving me different instructions per time. Even when I was not sure I heard clearly I still did it. I anointed my head everyday like my life depended on it.
At my work place, God gave me direction on a new solution to learn and that caught the attention of my boss. Without asking for it, my salary was raised within a month, which has never happened in my company. Most of my colleagues have been there for almost a year and still have not had an increase.
Permit me to keep sharing please!

The most amazing happened on the last day of the 21 days. I sold the highest priced commodity I had which yielded an unbelievable profit. For a young girl who has never seen more than 45k in her account, within 21 days of seeking the Lord and obeying my prophet, God moved me from “little change” to something I have only dreamt of in millions.
I still cannot believe it! Who am I that He is mindful of me? My life has completely evolved because I have a prophet. God increased me x3 as prophesied by my man of God.
With so much tears of gratitude in my eyes, I am forever grateful I have a Prophet. That is my advantage in life. I thank God I am a Gospel Pillar. Thank you so much, my Prophet.
Glory to God!!!
Sis. J.I
Lekki, Lagos
Glory to God!!
You too can connect to this raven testimony by faith.
God’s plans and desire for you this season is not for you to be in want or live in less than enough.
It is your time to enjoy God’s provision!


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