Visions are God’s way of granting His people access into the realities of the spiritual realm. It is His way of giving us a glimpse of us what is truly happening in the spirit so we can align our lives here on earth through prayer. Over the years, God has spoken through many prophets and intercessors about the impending revival that is to hit the earth, stirring up our hearts to do our parts in paving the way for the coming of that revival. In this section, we will be sharing with you one of such visions granted to an intercessor very recently to edify the Body of Christ. As you read, open up your heart to the Spirit of God as He moves you into the place of prayer in preparation for this revival that is coming. 

Here are the excerpts of the vision:


I was in a vision and I saw myself in the heavenly realm and I was looking down on the earth. I saw a very huge golden door that revolves having five doors and I saw the globe spinning and suspended just above the revolving door and by the side of the globe was a gold hour glass and as I was yet in awe, immediately an angel appeared in front of me, he wore a white garment and had a flowing train of apparel that flowed with the air and it was very long. Then he smiled at me and said that what I just saw and things about to be revealed is to let the others know that it is time to tighten the prayer vest, for these are the days of great grace, for the door has been opened, it is time to enter in for a great harvest is upon us! Suddenly the angel gave way and stood by my side and he pointed at the door and as I looked at the revolving door, I saw five mighty angels at each stance of the five doors with their wings widely flapped out, and very huge and their wings were like steel and they had fiery swords that was huge but yet long and while I was wondering in my heart what was happening, the angel told me that these are the guardians of past revivals and awakening on the earth. And immediately my eyes were projected to their chest region and each one had these written on them: 1730, 1820, 1875, 1906 and 1910. Then the angels standing by my side said; for these that you see are the years of past revivals. And as I looked intently, I saw each door stance being set ablaze like it was sealed.

While astonished by these, I immediately began to see a huge company of angels appearing. The angel by my side then said; the Lord God of Host, the captain of the army of angels of the Father, behold, He stands at the door and knocks, for the appointed time is short, open the door of the New, that the king may come in.And I saw a very huge angel wearing a red fiery robe on a horse followed by another set of angels and he was carrying a banner and what was written on fiery gold letters was- GOSPEL PILLARS MINISTRY and underneath it was written- THE REVIVALIST- PROPHET TO THE NATIONS- ISAIAH WEALTH. And then I saw another set of angels come in and stood by the globe and these set of angels carried sickles. Immediately a huge door appeared in front of the revolving door and covered it and immediately it swung open wide and I began to see the set of angels that held the banner enter into the door. And the angel standing by my side began to speak; for every tribe, tongue, clan and people and nation shall gather across the earth to hear the Prophet to the Nations. And he continued saying that; the time has been accelerated, for this is a time to Watch and Pray, putting childish things away, focusing on the coming revival and looking to the Cross, for there is about to be a birthing of a new awakening on the earth. For there is a supernatural awakening now in the agenda of the Father. For the scroll of glass is about to be released to the bearer of the coming revival in the New Era. Be vigilant for the battle for the key of the end time has begun and the winds of opposition blown. Then he paused and looked into my eyes and I could feel that he was scanning my heart. He continued saying; Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, minds have not imagined…the cost is great, the price is high, many may think that there is still time, and do not remain alert and separated and are not seeking the Father, For the Father has found one, the Prophet to the Nations of the earth… ISAIAH WEALTH… Intercessors, what is written on your sash? Begin to Battle with him in prayers and do not be overtaken by the winds of opposition! Watch and Pray!!!As he spoke, the words rang and echoed over the whole place and my heart began to quake and as I was about to ask when all these would take place, I woke up from the vision. What a vision! Glory to God! There is a great harvest and a mighty move of God coming on the earth. Do not sleep or lose focus. This is the time to seek God’s face in prayer, a time to ready yourself and those around you so you won’t be left on the sidewalk of the revival. Heaven is ready, the host of heaven is coming, stay in prayer till we see the revival manifest in our time. Amen!


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