In the last two editions of this publication, testimonies were shared of the raven supplying God’s people in a season of dryness- the Coronavirus pandemic. But it did not stop then as there has been a continuous inflow of testimonies of supernatural supply and upliftment. In case you missed the last two editions and have no idea what I am talking about, you can read online at of cases of supernatural provision as prophesied by God’s Prophet, Dr. Isaiah Wealth after he had seen a raven in a vision from God.

   Here is the encounter as rendered by the man of God.

“I was in a vision, and I saw a black bird come and land in the mountain where I had been in separation with the LORD. It was a black bird with a rainbow colour all around its chest. I began to search my spirit what this could mean when suddenly, the voice of the LORD came to me saying “this is the raven that fed Elijah, and has come to feed the tithers”. The LORD continued that “the world spoke against tithers on the internet over the past two years, but now, the raven has come to feed the tithers. Those who believed God’s Word and were tithing and supporting the Kingdom, the raven has come for them.”  

 In confirmation to the words of God’s servant, God’s people were not forsaken as they continued testifying of the raven’s supernatural supply just like Elijah did.

Let us take a look at one of such testimonies.

Of a truth my help has come, at the last minute/the 11th hour.

Sometime last two months, I got chatting on Facebook with a distant relative of mine who resides in the U.S. This is someone I’ve never seen neither does he know what I look like. He demanded for my WhatsApp number, and we further got conversing. After a month, he demanded to know who had been sponsoring my academics since my dad’s demise in 2012. I told him, and he instantly volunteered to SPONSOR my academics till finish! Let me explain this: I have been a son of scholarships from Nursery through Secondary, I mean FULL scholarships o! Hence, I told God that my tertiary would not be a different case. I ENTERED A COVENANT WITH GOD IN THIS REGARD! Now, this was so unbelievable, yet, divine because this very man has not openly aided ANYONE from my extended family let alone, of a huge financial fortress.

After a month I called him, he kept on firmly reassuring me of his resolve to sponsoring me. The fascinating thing is that this whole conversation has been solely between both of us.

My father sir, just when I thought the year 2020 was over, God showed at the 11th hour! He shocked me!

This same heaven-raised benefactor called me on the 29th of December and asked me to list and send ALL FINANCIAL EXPENDITURES that would be incurred in the next academic session (which is even not in view, yet).

I instantly sent it to him, and in less than two hours, this man ‘wired’ to me a shocking amount of money that is about double of what I sent him. Sir, I’m talking about something not too far from a million naira! I couldn’t believe it! JUST LIKE THAT???

I started screaming with joy. When I called him to appreciate him for what God had done through him, he yet reassured me that MONEY WOULD NOT BE A CHALLENGE AS FAR AS MY HIGHER EDUCATION IS CONCERNED TILL ANY LEVEL I WOULD WANT!

God has ‘muzzed’ me, He has blown my mind! This is a MIRACLE!

As though that wasn’t enough, God added to it, by FAVOUR, a new phone that is 5 times better than the one I

previously used!

All of these took place within 24 hours!

Lord I’m grateful, I’m blessed!!!

Thank you Lord for the Raven supply.

Bro. P

Benin City

Just as you have heard and read this testimony of Raven supply, you can connect to the Word of the LORD by faith and more will be given to you. Lack and penury is not God’s will for you and your household this season. It is your season to partake of supernatural supply!


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