2 Corinthians 13:1
This is the third time I am coming to you. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.
God sure loves to have witnesses whenever he speaks or when He is about to move mightily on the earth.
This should gladden our hearts as He intends for us to prepare ourselves and our house for what He is set to do as is the case of the last revival on the face of the earth. He has spoken through seers, prophets and intercessors over the years to stir up our hearts to do our parts in paving the way for the coming of that revival. Like in previous editions, in this section, we will be sharing with you another of such visions granted to an intercessor very recently to edify the Body of Christ. As you read, open up your heart to the Spirit of God as He moves you into the place of prayer in preparation for the revival that is coming. Here are the excerpts of the vision:

          I saw in a vision, a very dark smoke coming against the church. I was standing watching the width of the smoke. While I wondered how long it would take the smoke to pass by us, I found myself standing on a hill with a lot of people which I perceived as the church, we were on our knees facing one direction and praying fervently.

I then saw a man clad in a garment with sandals on his feet saying “I have been released for the EndTime revival” Then another voice said, ” This is Apostle Paul”.
It was like he was showing us how God wants to use the church to bring many lost souls out of darkness to His glorious light. He began showing us how we come to church carrying cups, in different sizes. He then showed us these cups were being filled with water everytime we gather in God’s presence to fellowship.
This makes it difficult for me to work with you”.
By the manner in which he spoke, I perceived that he had been released long ago but he had not been doing what he had been assigned to do as he ought to. He then concluded by saying “by the way, we do not have enough time, the smoke is the Anti-Christ”.

Sis S.L
Have mercy, Lord!
Does it not just break your heart, that God’s plans of revival can be hindered by things such as malice, bitterness and unforgiveness?
These things hinder the move of the Spirit. Check your heart now, if these be found in you, your house or your church. Repent from them and wash yourself clean through the blood of Jesus. Go before God in contriteness as you work consciously with the Holy Spirit to live a life void of these things and more that can hinder God’s work in and through you, your church and the body of Christ as a whole.
Yes, the state of your heart can affect the last day revival!
Lord, correct us in righteousness and prepare us for the last day revival. Begin to pray now!


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