God wants everyone healed and He hasn’t changed today.

One of the challenges in ministering healing is people actually believing that God wants them healed. God does want you healed! He did not ordain anyone to live in pain!

In Matthew 8:2, we see the leprous man asking Jesus, “Lord, if you are willing” (NIV). This is the one time God’s willingness to heal was ever questioned and we did not see Jesus answer in a parable, his answer was straight to the point and precise: “I am willing.”

No one can mistake the will of God concerning healing.

God does not change. Hebrews 13:8 says “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”

 He is actually not capable of changing. If God doesn’t change, then everything in the Bible regarding healing remains valid today and always.

  Let us consider one of such times where God through his prophet, Dr. Isaiah Wealth healed someone of kidney stones.

During a Service aired LIVE via satellite and on Youtube to viewers in over 20 countries around the world, the man of God Dr. Isaiah Wealth was ministering and then He began to minister healing and deliverance to the people.

In his words, “This third flow (of the anointing) is bringing healing and I bring Dunamis against every spirit of infirmity, I break their power with exosia and I release supernatural charges by the power of kratos and the power of the Holy Ghost. Be healed, be cleaned and be made whole.”

There were great manifestations of God’s power and diverse healings.

Many came out to testify and one of such was of a lady, she has had kidney stones for the past 11 months after having gone to test four times to check what was wrong with her and why she was in constant pains.

Doctors told her she had to undergo surgery or take some really strong medications which she had been taking with no change in her situation, she was feeling the pain severely just before the man of God began praying, she said.

As the prayers were ongoing, she began saying in faith, “I receive, I receive” She said when the man of God was praying, the power of God came upon her and she felt it like a vibration all over her lower abdomen and her entire body.

She said she fell under the power of God and when she got up, she couldn’t find the pain anymore.

The man of God prayed some more for her commanding that devil of infirmity manifesting as kidney stones to not come back, thus perfecting her healing and making her whole and immediately she began crying profusely. When questioned on why she was crying, she said they were tears of joy as she had spent money on medication and people have given her medication as a birthday gift.

Glory to God! What a testimony!

Imagine the pain she had been in, bodily, emotionally and financially and the relief, healing and peace she had received from the ministration of healing.

If you find yourself in the same situation of needing healing, connect by your faith to this testimony and Indeed God is faithful and just to heal you.

Glory to God!!!!

You can watch the full clip of this healing and many more on our YouTube Channel @Isaiah Wealth Ministries- “Touching! Lady Receives Medications As Birthday Gift- Healing Miracles Today Epi.210”


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