Prophets and prophecies have never really been popular neither have they been widely accepted but that does not negate the fact that prophecies are real and as long as God longs to talk to his children, he would always speak through his prophets.

Prophecies are God’s words through God’s prophets.

All through the bible, we see people saved from impending doom, convicted of sin and reconciled to God by words of prophecy as in the case of David and Nathan the Prophet or Jesus and the woman by the well. We see how God is not just a “figure head” in heaven as some may claim, but he is a father, a judge and a king who is very interested in the lives of his people.

God’s words are precious and when it comes, it is always for our good. It is to show us the power of God, to show that God rules in the affairs of men and to give glory to His name.

Let us consider one of such prophesies showing God is very much interested in the dealings of the earth.

On Sunday 6th December 2020, during a Sunday service aired LIVE via satellite and on YouTube to viewers in over 20 countries around the world, the man of God Dr. Isaiah Wealth rendered a word of prophecy regarding a certain lawsuit that would originate from the government of Texas, United States of America. Here is an excerpt of the prophecy as rendered by the man of God;

I found myself in Texas, I am seeing a man in front of some pillars, I am seeing him making a speech that ..we are not going to allow this…. based on the decision made by maybe the state house, it is a judicial thing or a legal thing because I see a name Tom and I hear a voice telling me that because of this that they have done

(choosing to not allow this),  they have stopped the enemies and they now have heaven’s backing”

It is important to pay attention to the specific details of this prophecy by the man of God, in order to appreciate the weight and significance of its fulfilment.

Number 1: – The man of God mentions a location where this prophecy will be fulfilled, which is the State of Texas.

The State of Texas is in the South Central Region of the United States of America.

Number 2: – The man of God specifies the gender of the main character in the fulfilment of this prophecy – a man.

Number 3: – The man of God describes the positioning of the man as being before a building with pillars.

Number 4: – The prophet names the action to be undertaken by this man, which is a speech that would represent a decision reached by the State of Texas.

Number 5: – The man of God emphasized on the nature of the speech to be made by this Texas representative – a petition against a


Number 6:- The man of God further clarifies that this speech would have to do with a judicial process.

Number 7: – The man of God also mentions the name TOM in connection to this judicial process.

Number 8:- Finally, the man of God stresses that this decision by the Texas State has the backing of heaven and has stopped the enemies.

The descriptive nature of this prophecy rendered by the man of God may appear startling to many because he speaks with so much clarity and details as to where, who, what, how and when these events would transpire just as one who has seen the future clearly.

True to the prophecy rendered by the man of God, barely 48 hours later, news headlines reported a landmark lawsuit instituted by the Attorney General of the State of Texas, Ken Paxton against the State of Pennsylvania and four other key swing States regarding the outcome of the US Presidential Election.

Also, in further confirmation to the prophecy rendered by the man of God barely 48 hours before, about the involvement of someone with the name of TOM in the ensuing judicial process, news headlines reporting the Texas Attorney General’s lawsuit detailed the role of the Democratic Governor of the State of Pennsylvania, TOM WOLF in the electoral process.

Take note that one of the pleas of the Texas Attorney General’s petition to the Supreme Court is to essentially block the presidential electors in Pennsylvania among others from voting for Joe Biden, as the State’s Democratic Governor Tom Wolf already certified Biden’s victory giving a green light to the State’s elector to cast their votes for Biden on Monday.

Thus, in direct confirmation to the prophecy rendered by the man of God just 2days before, this reported law suit was instituted by the Attorney General of Texas, the man, who is the legal representative of the people and Government of the State of Texas to contest and reverse the election of the democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, just as the man of God accurately prophesied.

This confirms the prophecy rendered by the man of God and shows without doubt that the LORD God Almighty knows all things, and He still speaks through His servant the prophets today.

This fact can no longer be argued as the confirmation of all the 7 points prophesied by the man of God, leaves this 8th point as the sure will of heaven as heaven backs this legal suit.


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