This expository text would enable you to maintain an ever-blazing Christian life. In this book, we shall take the time to see who the Spirit of God is and how His unhindered operation in our lives is the meaning of being on fire for God.

As believers, we have not been sent to live our Christian lives alone. The Holy Spirit has been sent alongside us to enable us have a successful Christian experience. John the Beloved clearly tells us that.

 ‘He that is born of God overcomes the world.’ (I John 5:4).

However, this kind of victory has not been experienced by many because they have not understood the Words of Jesus when He said ‘I would not leave you comfortless, helpless or orphans.’ (John 14:18). This is He of Whom John spoke when he referred to the ministry of Jesus. β€œβ€¦he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire.” Luke 3:16b. And even though the Holy Ghost has come, many remain orphans and helpless in the world. Again, many believers who have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit still struggle to maintain the fire. What could be the problem?

In this revelatory book BURNING FOR THE LORD, Dr. Isaiah Wealth brings home, in the simplest yet most spirit filled way, the importance of being on fire as a believer and how to maintain an ever blazing life as a child of God.

In the eight chapters of this captivating book, you would learn about

The Holy Spirit as the Fire

What happens when the fire burns?

The Essence of the Fire.

How to contact the Fire by the Word

How to contact the Fire by Worship

How to contact the Fire by Prayer

How to contact the Fire by a Touch

How to contact the Fire by Proximity

This book will set you ablaze for God and revive your walk with God. You can get a copy for yourself and your loved ones online at www.isaiahwealthestore.org, where you can also find other books that would fuel your appetite for revival.

15 thoughts on “BURNING FOR THE LORD”

  1. Wow, I purchased this book from the estore and my faith was so stirred up by it. It is really a must have for anyone who want to be ablaze for God

  2. Amaobichukwu Chibuzor Titus

    When you follow Dr Isaiah Wealth,you cannot miss it
    A man accessed a particular dimension of the holy spirit that an average believer can not be able to access…
    We cannot enter the realm he entered
    But he brought the realm to us in a book

    This book is a must Get for me

  3. Mmakagisho Love Sekoala

    I must hurry to get my own copy! Wow! I can’t wait to get equipped on how to be totally consumed by the fire of the Holy Ghost! God of Dr. Isaiah Wealth, You are good Lord!

  4. Khalamasae!!!! My God thank you Lord for Dr Isaiah Wealth and for the revelations you give us through him

  5. Victor Motsoasele

    No doubt a necessary teaching for the time we are in. Dr Isaiah Wealth has served a necessary resources for our spiritual existence.


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