One of the few times the raven was mentioned in the Bible was in the peculiar instance when the bird brought Elijah bread and flesh morning and evening for quite a while. In this case, we see the raven serving as a harbinger of supernatural supply to God’s Prophet.

This is why when God’s prophet, Dr. Isaiah Wealth was shown a raven in a vision by God, He instantly knew what God meant to say. Here the encounter as recounted by the man of God.

“I was in a vision, and I saw a black bird come and land in the mountain where I had been in separation with the LORD. It was a black bird with a rainbow colour all around its chest. I began to search my spirit what this could mean when suddenly, the voice of the LORD came to me that “this is the Raven that fed Elijah, and has come to feed the tithers”. The LORD continued that “the world spoke against tithers on the internet over the past two years, but now, the Raven has come to feed the tithers. Those who believed God’s Word and were tithing, believing God’s Word and supporting the Kingdom, the Raven has come for them.”

A little while after this vision, the coronavirus pandemic hit harder causing many nations to shut down completely, and many around the world began to experience the harsh reality of scarcity. But true to the words of God’s Servant, God never left His people stranded as they began testifying of the Raven’s supernatural supply just like Elijah did.

Let us take a look at some of the testimonies that have come in so far.


During the lockdown season, we got a notification from our landlord that his property had been sold, and therefore we had just under one month to vacate the premises. At the point of receiving that message, I had no cash on me for any such emergency relocation.

Although during the lockdown my household had began to experience some testimonies of supernatural supply, when I received this message I knew my raven had to carry a big container this time in order to handle the situation. So I and my family maintained an unbroken faith.

First, I downloaded all of Dr. Wealth’s teaching series on Faith, and began to soak them into my spirit. I also followed his teachings on the mystery of the wind, and stepped out in faith by dropping my business proposals in multinational companies, believing that God would activate favour on my behalf. Also by faith, I started looking for a house even though I had no money, because I only had two weeks to vacate my apartment.

While still meditating on the word of God, I got a call from an old client of mine for a meeting, she sounded so urgent. Just after the meeting, I got an instant cash transfer in good six digits. And all of a sudden, we now have the keys to a two-bedroom duplex by the breath of God. My raven supply came at just the perfect time. I give glory to God.

– Mr. Craig

GPC Port-Harcourt.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word (Rom. 10:17). Just as you have read this testimony of Raven supply, you too can put out your faith and connect to the Word of the LORD. You should not lack or be stranded in any way this season. It is your time to enjoy supernatural supply!

43 thoughts on “MYSTERY OF THE RAVEN”

  1. Priscilla Adigwe

    Amen and Amen. Its my time to enjoy supernatural supply. Thank God for the awesome testimonies. Thank God for our Man of God. Our Faith is Unwavering.

  2. I choose to constantly enjoy supernatural raven supply in Jesus name. This is a reality with tangible proofs in this current age.

    1. I am a beneficiary of the raven miracle. I receive more to the glory of God in confirmation to the word of prophecy declared by God’s Prophet.

  3. Glooorry to God I will not lack or be stranded this season I believe the word my man of God has released. The Raven has come for me hallelujah

  4. Mmakagisho Love Sekoala

    Wow! Truly the Lord is God and evidently still speaks through His servant, Prophet Dr Isaiah Wealth! What a word backed with so much power resulting in mind-blowing testimonies! Take Your Glory O King!

  5. Andrews Ankomahene

    Wow, indeed God didn’t leave His people. I personally received the raven prophecy with a strong faith and I’ve been blessed tremendously since then. Till today, I still mention the raven in my prayers. I’m thankful to God Almighty and for His prophet, Dr. Isaiah Wealth.

  6. My God, I am a product of these prophecy. Been experiencing back to back raven supplies in my life. Hallelujah. Oh Lord I prepare for more even as I engage the instructions of our Man of God in my tithes and other financial oblations.

    Glory to God

    Let us align our selves and expect more operations of the raven…

  7. Amaobichukwu Chibuzor Titus

    I choose to always step out in faith and never to fold my hands. 🔥🔥🔥
    The Raven is real

  8. Nathaniel Acquah

    Thank you God , what a powerful testimony. I must not play with my tithe in the house of God knowing that God seed and rewards faithful titters.

  9. Nathaniel Acquah

    Thank you God , what a powerful testimony. I must not play with my tithe in the house of God knowing that God sees and rewards faithful titters.

  10. I release my faith and connect to the word of my Prophet. Raven has come to feed me. Glory to God. Thank you Jesus

  11. Gabriel Ikponmwosa O.

    The God of Supernatural raven Supplies is my God.
    God has indeed been showing himself greatly on our behalf and causing us to experience strange favours.
    Glory to God 🙌

  12. One of the most incredible things that shocked me this year was this Raven revelation… I couldn’t comprehend what our Man of God revealed to us as Gospel Pillars., The beautiful part is that my family enjoyed the Raven testimony, just as our Man of God Prophesied it…. We have a Prophet who hears from God. Not just a man

  13. Thank You Lord🙌🏻 I put out my faith…I shall never lack or be stranded 🙌🏻 Thank you JESUS for giving us Dr Wealth 🔥🙏🏻

  14. Victor Motsoasele

    The article highlights God’s faithfulness in supporting His people in the area of supply that they may be as trees planted by the waters. For they have trusted in the LORD.

  15. My God!!!! In the midst of the lockdown God sent Raven. I believe the operation of the Raven was effectual due to the prophetic declaration of the man of God…. Of a truth the Righteous will never be forsaken


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