Late last year, I suddenly started to lose taste and passion for my job. It got so bad that if not that the pay was remarkable, I’d have turned in my resignation in February. This affected my performance so much that my boss noticed the drop in my productivity, hence, my monthly reviews with my boss in January and February were not particularly pleasant meetings. In March, I was on leave for the first 2 weeks and then I was ill for the last 2 weeks, so, practically I did not work at all in March…but Angel Pleasure and El Gibbowr worked and they worked OVERTIME!

Back in December, 2020, God had instructed me to resume as the auxiliary pianist at headquarters church and sit under Dr. for the next 12 months (that is throughout 2021) that He wanted to do something for me. This instruction was confirmed when Dr. said in January to follow him for 12 months. It was far from convenient for me to do as God had instructed considering the journey I’d have to make every weekend in obedience, but I have learnt to obey God regardless. The last time God gave me this kind of instruction was in 2017 and that was when my life’s story started to make sense.

I joyfully obeyed and January and February passed like nothing was happening. In March, God instructed me again, this time, to double my oblations. I didn’t shake cos I could do that with my offering and partnership and not feel it too much but God said my tithe and jumbo partnership were to be doubled too. Hmmm…I remember when I prayed about it and he asked me if it was hard for me to do and I said yes, he simply said, “I want you to do what is hard because I want to do what is hard for you”. Sir, this was just before Dr. shared that he made a sacrifice that made him bleed. I obeyed that instruction starting from March and SIR, I BLED SERIOUSLY.

Then, I got introduced to Angel Pleasure and El Gibbowr.

In this same March that I did not work at the office, I got a call from a former colleague who recommended me for a content writing gig. The pay is handsome because the contract is a retainer and it pays a little less than my salary. While I was celebrating that one, I resumed active duties in April and I saw an invitation for my March review with my boss. I did not worry much cos I was already cold towards the job. Amazingly sir, in the meeting, the unexpected happened and my boss informed me of a salary increase for me! Sir, the increase was the highest given to any Nigerian working in the company. As if that was not enough, he told me that he has set a target for me in the next 3 months and if I meet this target I will be made the CMO, Head of Marketing and Communications at the company. He told me he has seen my works and CV and that he knows my capacity, so even though he has interviewed and found a more senior candidate (an expatriate) suitable for the vacancy, he was going to leave the position open for me to fill in 3 months when I meet the target! Sir, this position implies MUCH MORE MONEY than my already good salary as well as the career trajectory I have in mind for myself. My boss also said he will speak to the accounts department to start paying me in dollars.

This same man that said my performance had dropped was the same man who promoted me and reserved an even higher promotion for me in the coming months, all the while setting me up to start earning in dollars. This can only be El Gibbowr. I sense God let my passion and performance drop so that when this testimony comes, no one would dare say it was because of my previous hard work. I work hard normally, but this was not my hardwork at all! This was 200% El Gibbowr. Right now, I gross twice of what I entered March with! But there’s still at least one more coming.

I’m in the process of bagging yet another job with a potential pay that is 10 times more than my newly increased salary. I’d surely come back again to testify! It is one of the many things I am expecting within these 8 weekends of wonder!

El Gibbowr and Angel Pleasure have resumed in my life, and they’re working overtime!, doing that which is hard for God’s own! Glory to God.  

Ikechukwu Jay Kalu

GPC Hq, Ikeja


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