I’m indeed still Amazed on how God did it so miraculously cheap. I planned on gifting myself with a car on my last birthday. But when the money came for the car, I had a change of mind and reinvested it into my business. In the month of March, I set a deadline of 25th to get a car, at this time I had no cash available to achieve this task.

On the 19th of April, I thought of speaking to an Elderly friend about it, we scheduled our meeting for the evening which also happened to be at the same time with our Friday prophetic service tagged ‘Operations of Angel Pleasure’. While the service was going on, I was connected and praying for the angel pleasure to work on my behalf. Immediately he came in, I told him this exact words ‘I need to get a car before 25th of March because God has promised me that I will get one by that date and I don’t have the money to get it at the moment and I want you to buy it for me’ He stood up immediately and called a friend in, told him to ask me the specification of the car I wanted to buy, the guy asked what my budget is, he replied in my stead ‘Money is not the issue, get him his specification’ and we closed the meeting on that note.

My AngeL Pleasure Package, ‘How My Car came by favor, without a dime’.

I was still amazed and not sure if that was for real. What gave me the unfeigned assurance was the next morning been Saturday, I was sent an excerpt of the Friday’s meeting where the man of God, Prophet Isaiah Wealth was praying over the house and stopped to say ‘I’m seeing an undeserved car, that car you did not deserve is coming to you, I’m seeing birthday wish, you wished something for your birthday, you didn’t get it, but you’re getting it now.’ Sir, I took note of the word ‘wished’, because my birthday had past and my plan was to get a car gift. Immediately I ran to my Apostle (Apostle Paul) to testify of what God was already doing, he was very excited and believed with me that it will surely come to pass. This prophecy now gave me confidence that God was the one working behind the scene through Angel pleasure.

After a series of search on the 24th March, we finally got the exact specification- Toyota Camry Sport xle 2010, Full Option.

Now it was time to make payments. At this time, I had no more doubts cause I had played the excerpt from the Friday service over and over again, I felt it so sure that the word was for me. So I contacted my friend that I’ve gotten one that met my specification and showed him the picture of the car. He was so happy that the car looks very ok, right there he asked for my account details and made the transfer. When the money reflected in my account, I was in a way shocked but was telling myself that this is the prophecy at work. Just like that I went ahead to make payments, the documents and keys were handed over to me at no cost on me. In fact, the seller gave me #10,000 refund. Sir, I ended up with the car worth some millions and extra #10,000 for fuel at no cost on my purse. I want to return all the Glory back to God and acknowledge Angel pleasure for visiting me last week and I’m very determined to entertain him and make sure he does not leave.. Thank you, Lord!

Pst Joshua Kanabe



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