Over the years, God has spoken through many prophets and intercessors about the impending revival that is to hit the earth, stirring up our hearts to do our parts in paving the way for the coming of that revival. In this section, we will be sharing with you one of such visions granted to an intercessor very recently to edify the Body of Christ. As you read, open up your heart to the Spirit of God as He moves you into the place of prayer in preparation for this revival that is coming.  Here are the excerpts of the vision:

‘I was communing with the Lord in Prayers and the Spirit of the Lord showed me a vision where I saw a large wooden door that resembled a garage door. The door kept expanding in width until I could not see its beginning from its ending. I also saw that there was immense light coming from the other side of the door.

I saw that the door kept on widening. I then saw that the door started opening up. It was rolling up but then it stopped. There was a blinding light coming from behind through the small space that was open. A voice spoke to me saying: The motor of the door is not working so it cannot open further than this. I was still standing where I was in front of the door but somehow I could saw behind the door and I saw a sea of Heavenly beings…they were countless. I looked up and I saw a ginormous motor connected to the door.

 The voice repeated itself: The motor of the door is not working so the door cannot open further than this. The Spirit of the Lord brought to my remembrance a time when the motor of our garage door at home was not working and we had to open it manually. He reminded me of how heavy the door was and how strenuous it was for us to open it manually. After remembering this, the voice continued to say on: As you can see, this door is too big. We need the motor to work so that we can open it. I was bewildered and I asked the voice to explain to me what could be done to get the motor working. The voice responded telling me to look up at the motor.

 I did and this time, I saw written on the motor: PRAYER. The voice continued to say: The motor is your prayers. Without your prayers, this door will not open because we need the motor to work for us to open this door.

I was very troubled and I saw that the door was not even up to half of a quarter open.

I saw a man sitting on the “closed” side of the door. He was a person of color and he had a notepad that he was writing on. At the top of the page I saw written: FOUNDATION


There was a terribly long list of names that extended to the other pages of the notepad. I saw an extremely long queue of people that were queueing to meet the man. As each person came to the man, the man searched for their names in his notepad and he either put a tick next to their name or he scratched the name out altogether. I then saw that those with their names scratched just disappeared and the ones that were ticked were taken to one side.

I saw a man standing by the side and he was folding his arms watching with me all that was transpiring. The man told me: You are now building the foundation for the revival, but many are oblivious to this fact so they are being removed from the foundation or else they weaken the foundation.

The man told me to watch carefully at what was going to happen. I saw many people walk into the place where we were. I knew that they were not angels. The man told me that these were revivalists of old. I only recognized a few. These people had liquid fire in their hands. It looked like magma. They walked up to the people whose names had been ticked on the list and each revivalist of old poured a certain measure of the liquid into the people’s hands. But before they did this, they all spoke in one voice saying: The heart of a revivalist is the heart of an intercessor. You cannot carry what we came to give you if you do not pray. Because you were found to be faithful intercessors, you will now carry the revival fire that we were sent to hand over to you. The liquid fire didn’t run out, it just kept on flowing. I saw then that as soon as each revivalist of old had poured liquid fire into a person’s hands, the person started praying deep fervent prayers. The door started moving again and the voice spoke to me again: Intercessors are rising…The motor is now working…We can now open the door.

The door kept opening and the Heavenly hosts started coming out by size. Some were tall and had to wait for the door to open more for them to come through.

Finally, the voice said: The FOUNDATION BUILDERS for the revival are the intercessors.

Glory to God! This is the time to seek God’s face in prayer, a time to prepare yourself and those around you so you won’t be left on the sidewalk of the revival. Heaven is ready, the host of heaven is coming, stay in prayer till we see the revival manifest in our time. Amen!


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