Indeed God of wonders is at work in our lives in this period and I want to testify about His miraculous and unmerited favour upon my business. Since this year began, I have not done any supply on duvet and have been praying to God about that. Just after dancing and praising God on Sunday, someone I didn’t know chatted me up on Facebook asking to know if the duvet I am posting are quality ones or just a mere picture. I replied him that they are genuine and quality ones. He said I should send him samples for him to show to his boss but he said he was not promising me anything yet because they have someone that supplies their hotel. After seeing the sample, he said his boss has approved my duvets and that I should send my account details and include cost of production and delivery. He said that they are already giving me the contract to supply 20 complete set of duvets and bedsheets to them, and this is a contract that is worth close to half a million naira. Not only that, he said his boss said that if I can handle this job very well, I will start handling most of their work that is concerning duvet. This can only be done by EL-GIBBOR and I return all the glory to His holy name, indeed He has done wonders..

– Brother Michael.

  GPC Ikeja


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