The never-before-seen coronavirus pandemic brought every nati日本藤素 on to its knees and seeks to further cause fear, panic and great losses. Many claim the virus was from an experiment, others say it was planned by China while even propaganda in China says it is from the United States.

Could this pandemic be a harbinger of worse things to come? Could it be signaling the new era of chaos? When will it end and can the world recover from its effect?

 In this illuminating book, THE CORONAVIRUS EFFECT: 7 things to happen next, Dr. Isaiah Wealth moved beyond ascertaining when the pandemic will end to what can make it end and what to expect thereafter. He also teaches the revelation of what will happen in the church, Israel and the world, and how all these will race to the rapture and second coming of Christ.

In the seven prophetic chapters of this book, you would gain knowledge and revelation on

1.   The True Source of Coronavirus

2.   Coronavirus: The Harbinger of the Age

3.   The Elijah Template of the Last Age

4.   The Moses Template of the Last Age

5.  A Prophetic Vision of the Last Age 

6.   The Actual Timing of the Rapture

7.   How to Prepare for These Final Events 

This book will help in getting you ready for all the end time as you will know the mind of God through his prophet. You can get a copy of this book and many more on various subjects at  Books by the author are also available on Amazon, Google Books, Kobo Books, Free Read and other leading book stores online.


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