What I saw about the EXACT DATE of the roll back.

Some claimed that no one prophesied the coming of the coronavirus, while some others kept saying, ‘If the prophets truly hear from God, then let them hear from God about a turnaround of events relating to the Pandemic’. These two queries were sufficiently answered by the confirmation of Prophecy rendered by the man of God, Dr Isaiah Wealth, about the coming of the COVID19 and the lifting of its restriction as it concerns the church, even mentioning the actual dates.

First, in September 2019, three months before the first reported case of the virus, the man of God warned about and also specified the timing of the arrival of the pale horse and the spirit of death, which is beginning from 2020.

In his words: “Last night in the visions of God I was  taken in the spirit and I saw the rider of the pale horse and his name is death…Watch this, as we are going into 2020, a lot of people will die, a lot of people losing their lives to strange sicknesses and death…”As the pandemic began to take its toll on nations around the world, forcing entire nations to shut down completely, the Government of Nigeria issued a lockdown order which included a restriction on worship centres. It was at this time in a live service broadcast on Sunday 22nd March, 2020 which was being watched live in more than 20 countries on satellite and by thousands on the internet, that the man of God began to speak prophetically about the timing of the pandemic’s easing when churches would be free to meet again like they used to.

In his own words, “… I am seeing something that was spread out being rolled back, I see a good news, 18th, 18th, 18th to 19th and good news from 1st to 18th to 19th about this coronavirus”

Let us pay close attention to the specific details of this unique prophecy by the man of God.

  1. The man of God uses the word ‘Rollback’. According to Collins Dictionary, a rollback refers to a reduction or some other change that makes something like it was before (especially by governmental action or direction).

2.  The man of God states that there would be a good news related to the rollback of COVID19.

3.  The man of God mentioned three distinct dates that would be connected to the good news of the COVID19 rollback measures: 1st, 18th and 19th.

4.  The man of God rendered this prophecy from Lagos Nigeria, where the international headquarters of his church ministry is located. 

Hence by this prophetic declaration, the man of God was speaking about the timing of the Government’s decision to fully restore the rights of Churches and the citizenry to go about their regular activities without restrictions, which he puts at the 1st through the 18th into the 19th day of a month’s calendar.

(You can watch the full clip of these prophecies and their confirmation on our YouTube Channel @Isaiah Wealth Ministries. “COVID 19 Beginning and Rollback Dates Accurately Prophesied: What I Saw 5 Months Before”) 

As at the time of these prophecies, the COVID19 plague was just beginning to spread like wildfire across many parts of the world, including Africa, with many scientists doubtful about the possibility of putting the spread under control. Many nations imposed indefinite total lockdowns on their economy and daily life. Yet, in the midst of these uncertainties, the man of God prophesied boldly that the good news about the COVID19 would come on specific dates, which are 1st, 18th and 19th just as he was shown by the LORD.


On Saturday 1st August, 2020, news headlines reported that the Lagos State Governor has authorized a partial re-opening of Churches across the State just as prophesied by the man of God. Bear in mind that this good news is the first that would come with respect to the roll-back of the COVID19 lockdown restriction on Churches in the State which had lasted for 5 months at the time, and it is not a coincidence that the News broke on the exact date 1st of August, just as the man of God accurately prophesied. Again on the 18th of September 2020, the Government of Lagos State put together its analysis of the Covid 19 report which was to be used for the 18th press briefing by the governor to the people of Lagos State and members of the press where the second good news will be announced. Again, on Saturday 19th September 2020 he EXACT DATE mentioned by the man of God 5 Months, 4 weeks and 4 days before, news headlines reported that the Lagos State Government has reached a decision to reopen worship centres fully across the State, almost 6 months after their activities were halted. and almost a month and 3 weeks after the partial opening was announced on the 1st. This is but impossible! The date of the news briefing itself was 19th September 2020 just as the man of God had said. Also, just as accurately prophesied by the man of God at least 5 months before. Could these accurate timings and events be mere coincidences, forged or pre-planned? Or could it actually be that the LORD God who knows all things and has all things in His power is speaking through His servant the prophet? This accuracy of confirmation which was impossible to predict as at the time the prophecies were given is a clear proof that God still speaks today and a wakeup call for us to fear Him and believe His prophet.


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