As life is unfathomable and unachievable without breath, so is a revival without the Spirit.
We constantly have to be in the spirit to be led by the Spirit, which in turn makes your spirit revived. As christians seeking God, we cannot afford to be in the spirit today and be out tomorrow, to consistently enjoy and see God and His glory, we have to be consistently in the spirit.
“We have been born into spiritual realm and thus should be able to interact with that realm and access the fullness of its powers and glory. A believer should not be disadvantaged in any way as we have the ability to fully function in and from the realm of the spirit where everything that manifests in the physical realm is determined. A believer should be able to by-pass time and space and be transported into different parts of the world and into different realms by the Spirit. The scriptures clearly show us this. But sadly, this is not the reality as some believers are limited and manipulated by Satan and his cohorts where they are supposed to reign. This is largely because they do not understand the realms of the spirit, how to function in it and the limitless possibilities when one lives or function.”
Through the following chapters, Dr. Isaiah Wealth teaches how to make a habit of being in the spirit, where it is no longer a feeling of spiritual duty but an everyday habit of being in the spirit. You will gain all these in just six Chapters;
CHAPTER ONE: The Necessity of Being in the Spirit.
CHAPTER TWO: The Various Levels of Being in the Spirit.
CHAPTER THREE: Being Filled with the Spirit.
CHAPTER FOUR: Walking in the Spirit.
CHAPTER FIVE: Being in the Spirit.
CHAPTER SIX: Effects of Being in the Spirit.
The book is not just for those seeking a revival but for all children of God seeking to know and enter
into deeper realms in the spirit.
It promises to change your spiritual life for the best forever.
You can get a copy for yourself and your loved ones online at,where you can also find other books that would fan and satisfy your longing for a revival for you, your church and your nation.


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